Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weed Whacker vs. Car Window? No Contest



You wear protection when you're whacking weeds, right? Perhaps a face shield?

What about your glassy possessions, thirty feet away? Are they protected, especially when that 30-foot zone is filled with weeds combined with bark and gravel? 

Uh oh.


Move the car first. Or, pull the weeds by hand.

Lesson learned...$360 dollars later.


  1. ... and that's why it's called a rant ...

  2. Auwe! Here in Maui, there's an overwhelming passion for those flinging machines - and most folks are wearing shorts and slippahs [flipflops]. Only the roadway trimming crews wear face shields, gloves, long pants and da kine. Almost all of the autos here are pretty "mess'up" [no regard for others in parking lots], so you don't see the rock dings as clearly.

  3. Yes, indeed. I forgot to mention that if homeowners are weed whacking near the street, release the accelerator when a car goes by.