Thursday, October 29, 2009

What NOT To Do in the Garden Now

     In the interest of easing your garden workload as the busy holiday season approaches, here are some yard tasks you don't have to tackle this time of year:

Don't deadhead your roses. Many Northern California rosarians are now advising rose growers to let those fading October flowers remain on the plant. This will force the rose bush to form hips, which helps the plant slow down in preparation for the January pruning season. Because cold winters are not a certainty here, roses have problems entering complete dormancy in our area. Not pruning roses now tells the plant, "Time to take a nap!"

Don't prune your shade trees until the last leaf has fallen. Then, it will be easier to gaze up into the canopy of the tree to decide which branches need to be trimmed or removed. Good reasons for pruning trees include removing or cutting back branches that are rubbing each other or the house. Low branches that impede foot traffic or suckers emanating from the base can be removed at that time, too. If you think you won't remember the dead branches that will need to be removed when all the leaves are gone, go ahead and mark those branches now with ribbon or green tree tape.


  1. I need to take a course on fruit tree pruning!

  2. Videos on fruit tree planting, pruning and more:

  3. Hi Bill,
    Fred has articles about fruit tree pruning, but here's one of mine:

  4. The videos and the article mentioned in the above comments are so helpful! My husband and I are first time fruit tree growers.