Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Garden Grappler: Name that Plant, Win a Prize!

A Visual Garden Grappler!
Be one of the first three correct respondents to name this plant, and win a copy of the Dr. Earth Gardening Guide. Send your answers via e-mail to

Yes, you must include the botanical name: both genus and species. Kharmic bonus points if you can name the variety, as well.
Some clues:
This picture was taken last Saturday, at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center in Fair Oaks, CA.
It is a warm season annual.
It is in the latest edition of the Sunset Western Garden Book.

Good luck!
715 p.m Thurs.: WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!

Aaron, Pam and Tony!
The answer: Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty' : Ornamental Millet

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